SunPlan vs Buying Solar Panels For Your Business

Many businesses have thought of installing solar panels, in-fact home owners have made BIG savings with solar panels so it seems fitting that businesses owners look to solar panels as a way they can cut their energy bills.

Eliminate Solar Panel Risks for Your Business

Embracing solar panels for your business is a wise choice, capable of significantly offsetting a substantial portion of your power bills, thanks to ample rooftop spaces.

Why haven’t businesses embraced this strategy, when it’s proven to work for homes? For a home, installing solar panels typically requires about 14 to 20 panels—an affordable cost that is often offset by subsequent savings. However, for most businesses with high daytime power consumption, the need extends to nearly 300 solar panels. This considerable scale elevates the installation cost to levels that might be beyond affordability. Seeking finance for such a large investment not only proves challenging but also results in high finance costs, ultimately leading to tens of thousands in additional expenses. So, what’s holding your business back?

Before you consider solar

first talk to SunPlan Energy

The often-overlooked risk emerges: What happens if the solar company you bought panels from isn’t there to honor warranties? Suddenly, you find yourself liaising with overseas manufacturers, after investing a significant amount to install the solar panels, yet lacking the support team needed for service and maintenance.

Moreover, what if the promised savings fail to materialize, causing unexpected costs? This undue stress is something you shouldn’t have to bear. Is it truly worth the risk? Is it worth sacrificing your peace of mind?

SunPlan takes all the risk: covering solar panel costs, installation, and comprehensive service, maintenance, and warranty support, ensuring your peace of mind.

Your business faces no significant financial risk, no financing, and zero interference with your borrowing capacity—providing you with peace of mind. The risk rests with us and our investment consortium; you need not worry about technology functionality. The proof lies in the energy rate you pay, as it’s our duty to ensure top-quality products deliver energy to your business.

Your commitment is simple: paying less for your daytime power—100% Renewable Energy, eco-friendly, and loved by your landlord.

Your New Energy Supplier is Only 4.6 Billion Years Old

SunPlan uses 100% renewable energy from the sun.