SunPlan Energy Our Story So Far..

United Solar Group (USG) was founded in 2009, it’s founder and chairman (Richard Vargas) expanded the Australian business into 6 continents as a utility scale developer working closely with governments and private corporations towards building and operating clean energy power plants.

Our Commitment to Clean Energy

In Australia, USG owns and operates the retail brand United Solar Energy

A renewable energy provider aiding households, businesses, and schools in their switch to clean energy. USG initiated a plan to accelerate the adoption of clean energy in Australia, targeting the largest energy consumers – businesses. In 2019, a pilot program was launched to assist businesses of all sizes in transitioning to clean energy without requiring investments in solar panel technology.

Given that businesses consume high amounts of energy, they hold the potential to make a significant impact in reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuel power generators. Following a successful introduction in Malaysia (MySunPlan), SunPlan emerged, aiming to minimize businesses’ energy costs in Australia through clean energy sources

The SunPlan Concept

Our approach is straightforward: rather than investing in large-scale solar farms that primarily benefit power distributors and retailers—producing inexpensive clean energy, repackaging it, and selling it to businesses at high markups—USG has collaborated with an Australian clean energy fund. Together, we invest in rooftop solar power plants. These rooftop solar energy facilities harness the sun’s power, supplying energy directly to businesses at rates up to 50% cheaper than grid power.

Perfect Solution For Leased Business Buildings

In Australia, a significant number of businesses lease their premises, posing challenges in transitioning to clean energy as they lack ownership of the building’s rooftop. The cost associated with installing solar panels often exceeds the financial reach of many businesses. Additionally, funding the installation can inflate costs by up to 50%, extending the payback period and, in certain cases, rendering it unfeasible. Convincing landlords to utilize the rooftop without any clear benefit to them becomes an additional hurdle, causing many businesses to abandon the pursuit altogether.

Enter SunPlan—a solution that revolutionizes businesses’ access to cleaner and more affordable energy through a FIXED rate. Our clean energy solution qualifies as a tax-deductible business expense, offering stability and cost savings. With reduced energy expenses, tenants are more likely to maintain their current location and extend their lease.

Landlord Wins Too

Picture a delighted tenant with access to affordable daytime energy—100% clean and locked in at a fixed rate for a decade or longer.

By offering your tenant access to low-cost power, you significantly boost their motivation to remain in your building. Alternatively, you can attract new tenants by highlighting the benefits of affordable energy. If you own multiple buildings, inquire today about our revenue-sharing model for a tailored solution.

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