SunPlan Energy For Landlords

Here’s a straightforward breakdown of SunPlan: We, along with our funding partner, cover the expenses for the technology asset (solar panels). We also handle insurance, servicing, and maintenance for the technology asset installed on your rooftop.

Your Path to Affordable and Sustainable Energy

We sell the 100% clean energy that is produced for your tenant

The tenant agrees to buy the electricity for the life of their tenancy lease (minimum 2-years). SunPlan agrees to FIX the price of the power for 15-years or more, your tenant could save up to 50% compared to standard grid power with no price increase, ever.

Landlord Benefits

You as the landlord, will provide permission to give us access to the rooftop

There is NO capital cost, NO service or maintenance cost and your tenant will get 100% clean energy, a low cost energy rate that is FIXED for the term of the lease.

Consider the following benefits:

Do You Have Multiple Buildings

SunPlan works directly with landlords as the preferred daytime energy supplier, we fund, install, service and manage the entire asset for up to 20-years. 

If you own multiple buildings and grant us access to their rooftops for our SunPlan solution, enabling us to power your buildings with 100% clean energy, we’ll extend a profit-sharing opportunity to you.

Astute building owners recognize that their empty rooftops currently don’t generate income. With SunPlan, your rooftop can become an additional revenue stream without any capital or ongoing costs, guaranteed.

What is the Risk to Landlords

SunPlan and our partner own, insure, and maintain the technology asset. Your tenant only needs to buy the power

Our team customizes the solar asset to match your daytime energy needs, eliminating the need for excessive purchasing. Should a tenant depart, the incoming tenant gains access to the cost-effective fixed energy rate.

With a tenant purchasing the power, there’s no upfront cost for you. Simply relax and receive your share of rooftop revenue for up to 20 years.

Is Your Building(s) Net-Renewable

There are major challenges coming to make the world net-zero

Our goal is to diminish our dependency on fossil fuel-based generators, which currently supply most electricity to commercial buildings. The expense of technology and its maintenance to produce clean energy is substantial, compounded by financing costs that can inflate solar panel installation prices by as much as 50%.

SunPlan addresses these hurdles by assuming the risks linked to funding, installation, and maintenance of the asset(s). By leveraging our solution, your building will decrease reliance on fossil fuel-powered electricity. We’ll provide inexpensive daytime energy to your tenants, sourced entirely from Renewable Energy

All the benifits

There are many benefits to being a SunPlan business customer.

Zero-Cost Installation

We install solar panels on your commercial rooftop at no cost, turning unused space into a sustainable power source.

Reduced Energy Bills

Tenants enjoy significantly reduced energy bills, making your property more attractive.


If a tenant leaves and the landlord cannot find a new tenant, we remove the installation at no cost.

Property Value Boost

Landlords receive a lease payment for the use of their roof, increasing property returns.

Higher Green Rating

Boost your building's green rating and appeal to eco-conscious tenants and customers.


SunPlan is powered by United Solar Energy, an international leader in renewable energy.