Attention Landlords Big Win For You!

As a landlord, ensuring your tenant’s satisfaction leads to worry-free property management. Our goal is to assist your tenant in cutting down their business operating costs. With rising power prices, many business owners (your tenants) may soon feel the financial strain.

Landlord Wins Too

Our mission is to aid your tenant in reducing the operational costs of their business. With escalating power prices, many business owners (your tenants) may soon feel the impact.

Business owners seek cost-cutting solutions, and one effective approach is transitioning to SunPlan for their daytime energy. With power available at up to 50% cheaper than grid power, it’s sourced from 100% Renewable Energy, taking your building a step closer to carbon neutrality.

Choosing SunPlan offers your tenant significant savings, fostering loyalty and happiness throughout the SunPlan Energy term. There’s no financial risk for you or your tenant—just affordable, carbon-free energy. Moreover, if you manage multiple buildings, SunPlan can benefit each location in your portfolio, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for you and your tenant.

What’s the cost to you? ZERO. There are NO financial obligations. We handle everything. But wait, there’s more! Schedule a discussion to explore all the advantages that SunPlan can offer you as a landlord.

100% Renewable 100% of the Time!

Our energy is harnessed from the sun's abundant source, captured by our innovative solar technology installed on your business's rooftop.

Guaranteed Green Energy at our cheaper rate

SunPlan harnesses the sun's abundant and cost-effective energy source to generate clean, green electricity, powering your business every single day.

SunPlan is Here to Help Get You Through These Dark Energy Days!

Empower your business with affordable, clean daytime power that's up to 50% more cost-effective than fossil fuel-based grid power. Join us in driving Australia towards Net Zero emissions, prioritizing cost savings, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Together, let's combat climate change while navigating high energy prices.

SunPlan vs Buying Solar Panels For Your Business

Energize your business hassle-free with SunPlan's worry-free solar energy. We take care of all costs, servicing, maintenance, and warranties, ensuring a seamless experience for you. Benefit from top-notch renewable energy at a discounted rate, making a positive environmental impact without straining your finances or affecting your borrowing capacity. Plus, your landlord will thank you for it!