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Our first phase is to help 1000 businesses access cheaper daytime power that is up to 50%* cheaper than the fossil-fuel power that comes from the gird.

Now Is The Time For Change

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All the benifits

There are many benefits to being a SunPlan business customer.

Zero-Cost Installation

We install solar panels on your commercial rooftop at no cost, turning unused space into a sustainable power source.

Reduced Energy Bills

Tenants enjoy significantly reduced energy bills, making your property more attractive.


If a tenant leaves and the landlord cannot find a new tenant, we remove the installation at no cost.

Property Value Boost

Landlords receive a lease payment for the use of their roof, increasing property returns.

Higher Green Rating

Boost your building's green rating and appeal to eco-conscious tenants and customers.


SunPlan is powered by United Solar Energy, an international leader in renewable energy.