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SunPlan finds unused rooftops and installs solar panels at no charge, thus creating solar farms for businesses' power. In turn, this reduces businesses' electricity charges by up to 50% or more.

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Transform melbourne's unused office rooftops into solar farms

The concept is simple: SunPlan Energy will fit these vacant rooftops with solar panels at no cost to the building landlords or tenants. It will then bypass. traditional energy retailers and directly sell the energy to the building occupants. As an added benefit, the landlords will receive a small annual income from the venture.
SunPlan Energy's initiative is just one of several aimed at promoting solar adoption in commercial buildings. Currently, new office projects are increasingly incorporating solar panels into their designs from the beginning. For instance, the 550 Spencer Street building will hamess solar energy from its facade, while the 435 Bourke Street tower's solar panels will generate 20% of the building's base power.

building australia's largest solar energy hub:

In an era marked by economic challenges and escalating energy costs, businesses are in dire need of a reliable and affordable energy solution. SunPlan Energy Group emerges as a guiding light, supporting businesses to stay open with cheaper daytime power while actively contributing to the development of Australia's largest solar rooftop network.


Let’s See How It Works

Consultation Project

Collaborative consulting project enhancing strategies, solving challenges, ensuring growth, and fostering innovation

Installation System

SunPlan finds unused rooftops, installs free solar panels, creating solar farms for businesses' power.

Landlord Benefits

Landlords hosting panels receive an annual income, incentivizing participation in the solar initiative.

Network Expansion

SunPlan expands Australia's largest solar rooftop network, aiding businesses with affordable, reliable power.

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Got Questions?

Explore answers to frequently asked questions about SunPlan, your trusted solar energy provider. Learn about our hassle-free installation process, cost-free solutions for building owners and tenants, and how our significantly reduced energy rates can benefit your business.

SunPlan is a solar energy provider that installs solar panels on commercial rooftops at no cost to the building owner or tenant. The energy generated is then sold directly to the tenant at a significantly reduced rate compared to traditional energy providers.

Tenants can enjoy significantly reduced energy bills, with savings of up to 50% compared to traditional energy providers. Plus, they’ll be contributing to a greener planet by using clean, renewable energy.

Landlords receive a lease payment for the use of their roof, turning unused space into a consistent source of revenue. Plus, they can increase their building’s green rating, which can help attract and retain tenants.

SunPlan handles all the maintenance and servicing of the solar installation, so neither the tenant nor the landlord has to worry about it.

No, there is absolutely no upfront cost or investment required to get started with SunPlan.

United Solar Group delivers a low-cost energy rate via a clean energy source (solar PV), The product exists with the support of a global renewable energy developer, United Solar Group.

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